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Stool | Ross
Stool | Ross
Stool | Ross
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Stool | Ross

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The Ross stool is unique, one of a kind.

It was created by putting together recycled and reused bits and pieces of wood and marble found lying around in the workshop, picked up from around the island and brought together in way in an unaccustomed way to form a stool. Colour was then added to fill in gaps here and there, in a puzzle-like manner.

It is not reproducible. We can make more with the same colours and that will look like it, but since the pieces of wood used are found here and there, we cannot make the exact same one. It is unique.

It was made with great care to capture the feel of its unusual form and colour composition.

If you feel you cannot accept the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what the stool you will be receiving will look like, please do not order it.

Dimensions: about 28x22x25cm

Made in Aegina, Greece

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