Cool Collection

A collection of lifestyle objects for the home and the bath made of wood, marble, and clay,. They are all useful but also decorative as they look good, and will add a touch of colour and style wherever you decide to place them. All objects are designed and made for Cool Collection by our collaborators of craftsmen and artists based on the island of Aegina and in Athens, Greece. More specifically, wooden objects are made by Yanis and Iason; ceramics cups, bowls and soap dishes are made by marina; soap dishes are hand painted by Laskarina and tableware is hand painted by Iliana; stoneware plates, cups and soap dishes are made in a friendly workshop in Athens.

Cool Collection is one of the projects supported by The Cool Projects, which aims at promoting arts, crafts and natural body care products, as well as collaboration between people of different backgrounds.

Other projects we have created are:

Cool Soap: Natural Olive Oil Soap bars and body care products made in Aegina, Greece by us.

Mood of the day: Natural Olive Oil soap bars and accessories for home and bath, made in Aegina, Greece by us.

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