Cool Collection

Recycle Reuse Rethink.

All our products are handmade, designed and manufactured on the island of Aegina in Greece by local arts & crafts people.

Cool Collection objects have one thing in common: they are all handmade.
Some are made with materials that are being reused and recycled. Some are made in a way that will make you think again about why they are made, the way they are made or the way(s) they can be used.
All are made with great care.
Cool stools are made for you to sit on, but not only.
They are made for you to enjoy looking at, for you to enjoy touching. To bring colour into your home.
Cool stools can also be used as side tables: by the bed, by the sofa, on the
balcony. They can also be used as a mini ladder to get that book that is too high on the bookshelf.
So many uses... that you can find your own.
All are made on the island of Aegina, Greece by a group of craftsmen & designers who share and alternate roles, who complement each other, who collaborate in many more ways that one.
Why stools?
Stools, low stools like these ones, oblige us to sit in a position that is much healthier than the one we take when sitting on a chair. We have all heard and read about the negative effects sitting on a chair has on our body and our health. They say squatting is the best way to sit. Let’s try the stool, which is close to squatting but probably easier for many.
Also just because we love stools.

The Cool Projects part of which is Cool Collection is about handmade, natural, traditional products. Other projects we have created are:

Cool Soap: Natural Olive Oil Soap bars and body care products made in Aegina, Greece by us.

Mood of the day: Natural Olive Oil soap bars and accessories for home and bath, made in Aegina, Greece by us.